Use ReachySDK for Reachy 2019


I am working with Reachy 2019 where I would like to extract the arm and control it independently. So far I have been able to detach and control it with the 2019 package reachy in this way:

reachyRobot = Reachy(

However, I would like to know if I could use the ReachySDK package to control it, and if so, how should I proceed?

Thank you!

Hello !

You have indeed used the correct method to control the arm only.
Unfortunately, the ReachySDK package is only compatible with Reachy versions 2021 and 2023.

So to move your arm (or any other part of your robot) you’ll need to refer to the 2019 documentation: Control The Arm | Reachy manual (

You can also view the code for Reachy 2019 on Github: pollen-robotics/reachy-2019: Open source interactive robot to explore real-world applications! (

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help Annaelle!

Now that I know that reachys arms can only be controlled with the 2019 package I have a few more questions.

We’re connecting to the right arm only via USB, however, we had some problems with the labels of the pyluos device modules and we had to rename the gate, this is the code that we used:

from reachy import Reachy, parts
from pyluos import Device

# Instantiate reachy's right arm
port = "COM7"
def renameGateToRightArm( portName: str = port):
    device = Device(portName)
    print("Connected to Luos")
    # search for gate
    gate = [module for module in device.modules if module.type == "Gate"][0]
    print(f"Found gate {gate} with name {gate.alias}")
    oldName = gate.alias
    print(f"now renamed {oldName} to {gate.alias}")

# rename the arm to right_arm

reachyRobot = Reachy(

Unfortunately, I am not the person who developed this code (nor I have any way to contact them) and I do not quite understand what was happenning, I hope that you could shed some light as I believe this is the source of my problem that I explain next: when I want to connect in the same way to the left arm, the pyluos Device function gets stuck, it doesn’t give an error, just loops forever and the port changes to “COM3”.

I have tried to find the documentation of pyluos 1.2.4 but it seems to be outdated and most of the links provided in the reachy 2019 documentation related to that are outdated as well. (That is why I wanted to switch to ReachySDK)

Thank you for your time!