Tool-use of Reachy

Hello Reachy Team,

I try to control the robot with a tool holding/grasping by Reachy.

Since it is just like adding a part of robot’s arm, I want to know if it’s possible to get the position of the end of the tool by changing simply several lines of your codes (like the one of [reachy_kinematics] on your git etc)?

Or inversely, if I want the tool to be at such a position, what are the angles of each joint.

Do you have some ideas?

Thanks a lot!

Hello @VioletteC,

Which version of Reachy do you use?

If you use Reachy 2019, you can directly modify the link translation of the gripper or/and its rotation (right force gripper in this case) in software/reachy/parts/ This translation indicates the center of the gripper, you need to modify it so that it indicates the end of your tool.
Check Arm | Reachy manual to know how to calculate this translation.
When this is done, you can simply use Reachy’s forward and inverse kinematics as previously, and it will place the end of your tool in space instead of the gripper.

Best regards,