STL Files(GitHub) not 3D printable

Hello, we are trying to build the reachy arm for our project, but as we tried to print the parts using the STL files from reachy’s GitHub repository(, the parts are only of millimeter size. Kindly let me know where I can find the actual STL files or scaling value so that we can scale the existing STL files from git hub and print them.

Awaiting your reply.

Not yet available

waiting with excitement

Also waiting on the stl files. Thanks

Yep that’s coming very soon, we started to ship several Reachy, we just have to find some times to clean the mess in the files and we will make a release.
It should happen before the end of june.

I saw 3d model is ready, well done and look awesome. However is someone 3D print it successfully? I saw mostly curve part (arm, and etc), it look not easy to print.

Parts are designed to be printed on laser sintering machine for high quality prints. Indeed it is not easy to print on a FDM printer and it requires a lot of manual effort to clean parts.

We just completed our build of Reachy almost entirely out of FDM 3D printed parts. We are working on updating and getting our files together for public release but you can view what we have modified here: