When we will release the open source files

We just announced our new robot and opened pre-orders for the first 15 units.
Reachy is still under development and he will be finished in the incoming weeks. We target to ship the first batch for end Q1-2020.

We will release software, hardware and data along the development, as we get a stable version for each part. Stay tuned and check your forum notification :wink:

Can you sell a basic kit with just the essential and hard-to-find parts?
For example, how about just the custom electronic parts?
Also, I hope the new ROS software has a HAL (hardware abstraction layer) and a config file (to add and remove parts from the complete version without modification to software packages). That way, hobbyists like myself who can not afford a US$20K toy can 3D print a partial Reachy for testing. Thanks.

Quite difficult to package because “hard-to-find parts” is specific to each individual, it would maybe be better to have a “spare parts” shop so you can choose what you need. That’s a lot of effort for us to manage right now. To start from somewhere, can you send us an email with components you need the most?

Yes, a spare part store on Amazon.com would be great. It would also save your staff time from inventory and distributing those small parts. Here is my shopping list:

  • updated cameras with lens
  • complete Obita neck joint
  • gripper with sensor
  • Luos interface modules