Reachy Mic Array


The Reachy robot contains a ReSpeaker Mic Array, is there any code inside the Reachy repositories to communicate with this Mic Array?
If not, I could work on it with new code and it could potentionally be used for the Reachy code itself.

With kind regards,
Nathan Segers
Howest University College in Kortrijk (Belgium Flanders)

Hi @NathanSegers,

There is no official API to use the microphone on Reachy yet. On our side we used to directly access it.
It would really be awesome if you can work on this and share it with the community!
Let me know if I can help you.


I have found some code on this website which can read the Direction Of Arrival and the Voice Activation Detection.
The code documented there seems to work perfectly, however, some configurations are necessary on the Raspberry Pi in order to directly access the USB device.

I will check out Pyaudio to work with the audio files generated by the Microphone.

My colleague and I will work it out as much as possible, and share it with the community.

We will keep you posted!