Reachy antennae movements

Is there a document describing the possible antennae movements?

How would you link a certain emotion with antennae movement or are there pre-defined motions for certain emotions?

Thanks in advnace.

Hello @Sam,
There is not document describing the possible antennas movements neither pre-defined motions for certain emotions. There are all hand-made in each of our applications.

Nevertheless you can find on our github the movements we made for happiness, sadness and surprise on Reachy 2019: reachy-2019-tictactoe/ at master · pollen-robotics/reachy-2019-tictactoe · GitHub
We also have a few movements described in the antennas’ section for Reachy 2021 in the corresponding documentation: Controlling the head - Reachy 2021

Hope this will help!
Best regards,