Moveable Reachy Support

Hello everyone,

What do you people mount your Reachy on?

Currently, we have screwed our Reachy onto a makeshift mount, fixated onto a table.
We were thinking of a (rollable) base, like a Parasol, but we do not have an idea about the weight of it, or the option to make it rollable, since the Reachy can be quite shocky when moving his arms :slight_smile:

It would be great if we can make him easily moveable this way.

Any ideas?

Yes we have a solution ! We use it regularly so it should work for you as well.

You can buy a rollable TV support such as this one :

Then, you can 3D print the following file to fix your Reachy on it.
Reachy-50mm_support.stl (2.2 MB)

Hi Matthieu,

We have bought the Rollable TV Support from Amazon, but we are searching for another way to fix the Reachy on the support, instead of using the 3D print.

Do you think there are other ways to safely attach the Reachy to the support?

Itโ€™s difficult to find a part fitting both the robot back interface and tube size.

Why donโ€™t you want a 3d printed part ?

I used the joint from the tv support and a 3d printed adaptor

Great idea!
Would you mind sharing your work with the community?

Sure! Itโ€™s nothing really fancy, it just does the job :slightly_smiling_face:


Connector.stl (389.7 KB)