Module "dxl_10" missing


We just connected our new arm after following this link. There are two issues worth mentioning.

  1. We ordered a left arm, but the dashboard is showing ‘Right Arm’.

  2. The dashboard is also giving us module "dxl_10" missing under Right Arm.

We also tried running some code on the connected raspberry pi using your libraries:

from reachy import Reachy, parts

reachy = Reachy(

And this raises a reachy.error.LuosGateNotFoundError: Gate "r_left_arm" not found on ports "/dev/ttyUSB0" error.

We then changed parts.LeftArm to parts.RightArm, the error we now get is:
File “/home/pi/dev/reachy/software/reachy/io/”, line 126, in find_module
reachy.error.LuosModuleNotFoundError: Could not find module “dxl_10” on bus “/dev/ttyUSB0”

Any ideas? We’re wondering how the system decides on whether the connected arm is left or right?
Thanks in advance :smiley:

Hi @ziadabass,

Sorry for this issue. We must have incorrectly configured your Gate (the module that connects the robot to your USB port).
You can run the following code and let me know if it solves your problem.

import time

from glob import glob

from pyluos import Device

ports = glob('/dev/ttyUSB*')
print(f'Ports found: {ports}')

port = ports[0]
print(f'Will use {port}')

d = Device(port)
print('Connected to Luos')

gate = [mod for mod in d.modules if mod.type == 'Gate'][0]
print(f'Found gate {gate} with name {gate.alias}')

print('Now renamed "r_left_arm", unplug/replug your robot to check if everything is ok')


Hey @pierre,

Thanks a lot, this worked like a charm :+1: