We are launching the new Reachy @CES2020


Few years after Poppy, we are back with a new amazing humanoid robot!

Meet Reachy, an adult-size humanoid robot design for interactive application in the real world!

He is a complete open platform with open source softwaren hardware and data!

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Congrats on the start and a successful 2020!

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Hello pollen robotics.

How was the CES 2020 ? ^^

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congrats on the product launch! looks amazing

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It was great!

We met a lot of people and get really positive feedback both on the product and the needs for such robots.We also got an impressive worldwide press coverage that we will publish soon on this forum.

The four of us at the end of the show:

PS: Each day, 2/3 people from LG robotics branch were coming to our booth taking picture and videos of every single part of the robot and left when we started to ask questions about their job… so do not be surprise if LG releases a reachy-inspired robot in a near future ^^


suggest an m&a then :slight_smile:

not sure they would agree to keep the project open ^^

Few metrics from the CES Tic-Tac-Toe games

During the four days of CES, Reachy actually played 443 games of TicTacToe, and it wasn’t even bored. Or maybe just a little.

Interestingly enough, it wons 168 (38%) games and 128 games ended with a draw (29%).

And the other games? Well, the humans wons 35 games (8%), mostly due to Reachy having some second thoughts (I mean some visual detection issue :smiley: ).
And the 25% missing? Well, cheating was detected and so Reachy decided to shuffle everything and reset the game.


cheat against robot! soo human :stuck_out_tongue:

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But isn’t this your goal, with publishing the files as open source, that others can use it and create their own version of the robot?

Yes and I did not say I was angry about :slight_smile: It’s just funny

I agree :sweat_smile: They could just ask you for the files directly :wink:

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