Upgrading from ROS Foxy to Humble


I’ve recently found out that my uni owns a full reachy kit, but the 2021 version. I determined this due to the fact that its running Ubuntu Focal and has ROS Foxy installed. I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade the version of Ubuntu on the NUC to Jammy (22.04) and set up ROS Humble on it along with the ros packages and python SDK. If so, I’d appreciate some documentation for this.

As I see the foxy packages are quite old and now unmaintained (fair enough, it is at EOL now) and hence I want to utilise the more up-to date humble packages and the newer docs, which are really nice :).

Thanks for any help!

Hi @abbanana !

Regarding your question about upgrading the Ubuntu version on your Reachy 2021 to Jammy (22.04) and setting up ROS Humble (ROS 2) along with the Python SDK:

  1. Upgrading Ubuntu Version and ROS:
    It’s not feasible to directly upgrade the software from Reachy 2021 to a newer version like 2023 due to mechanical modifications and changes in motor control methods between versions. This would require extensive modifications.

  2. Using ROS Humble (ROS 2):
    However, you can theoretically use ROS Humble (ROS 2) with your Reachy 2021 by making minor adjustments to the Reachy packages. Some variable names may have changed, so you’ll need to update these in the packages to ensure compatibility.

  3. Development Workflow:
    You can develop and test code using Reachy 2023 simulated on your personal PC with the SDK and then transfer the developed code to your Reachy 2021. The SDK is compatible between Reachy 2021 and 2023, allowing for this workflow. Please refer to this page to simulate a Reachy 2023 using Docker.

  4. Documentation and Resources:
    Most of the documentation for Reachy 2023 can be referenced for Reachy 2021, as they share similarities in their software and control systems. This will be helpful in understanding and working with Reachy 2021.

  5. ROS Version Upgrade Consideration:
    It’s generally not advisable to upgrade ROS (e.g., from Foxy to Humble) unless specifically needed, as it can introduce compatibility issues with existing packages and configurations.

In summary, while upgrading to a newer Ubuntu version and ROS release for Reachy 2021 is complex, leveraging Reachy 2023’s documentation and developing with a compatible SDK workflow should enable you to effectively utilize Reachy 2021 with modern tools and resources.

If you have further questions or need specific guidance during this process, feel free to reach out. Good luck with your project!

Best regards.