Unity 2021 package Teleoperation

Hello im trying to simulate reachy robot with unity and SteamVR(index) but facing some issues

I followed github’s readme( pollen-robotics/reachy2021-unity-package: Unity package for Reachy 2021 (github.com))
this is what i did

Then I can see reachy standing in VR but It doesn’t move at all and cannot find any setting or menu.

Do i need to do something on script? or this package is not supporting teleoperation yet?

Hello @mazayo,

The simulator cannot be directly teleoperated in the project.
It is compatible with Reachy teleoperation app, which is another application, but the simulator itself simply acts as the robot server.
By adding SteamVR plugin to the project, the only thing SteamVR is doing is displaying the main camera in your headset, but there is no script to make the robot move.
The goal of the simulator is to have a fake robot acting like the real one, so you need a client to interact with it, which is not provided in the package.

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Thanks for reply @Gaelle !

So Is teleoperation app is not opensource yet right?

If it is not can I get some information about app based on unity and Grpc same as simulator or not

Hello again @mazayo,

The app is in fact not available.
You can find some more info in other topics of this forum to know what has been used, for example in Oculus Quest 2 Teleoperation.

Everything can be achieved through gRPC for the data exchange. The server side is the simulator, you can find all the messages and services in reachy-sdk-api on Github, and you have to create a client side for the teleoperation app using these same messages and services.

Then in order to get the inputs of the VR headset and controllers, you can add a VR plugin in Unity (SteamVR plugin, Oculus Integration, XR-interaction-toolkit,…), and retrieve all the info you want that way to send them through gRPC to the simulated robot!

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