REACHY's head doesn't move, how can I repair it?

I used this function to move head.

reachy.head.neck.goto(thetas=(0, 0, 0), duration=1, wait=True)

I want to swing to the front face. I tried many thetas. But it doesn’t work.

I used hand to move REACHY’s head. I found this parts can’t move.

parts image

how can I repair it?

The following is the current situation.

current situation video


I can see on the video that there is one of the three motors of Orbita’s mechanism which is broken, this is why you can’t move move it and the two others can move.

To know where the problem comes from and why it is broken, I need to know if you have already dismantled something or made any modification on the robot before this problem.
For example, if you have tried to remove the head and put it back, you may have made a mistake when you connected Orbita back to the head
If not, it can be a manufacturing defect.

Anyway, the motor seems to be broken and you can’t replace it easily. Please send us an e-mail to see how we can replace it and upgrade your robot to the new version.

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