Reachy Electronic Components


It’s been a while, I hope everyone is doing great :relieved:

We’ve bought a performance Reachy Left Arm from Pollen Robotics a few months ago and all is going well. However, we have moved offices recently and the electronic components that connect to the arm have sadly been lost in transit.

I’ve attached a photo of the main components we need to repurchase (including the power supply and wiring). I have tried looking online but have failed to find these components. Is there any chance we can buy them from Pollen again and have them shipped?

I appreciate you getting back to me quickly about this as our work is halted until we can get these components.

Thanks a lot!
Ziad Abass

Hi Ziad,

Sorry for the late answer.
These are custom boards we made, but we also have issues to get more because there is a shortage of electronic components at this time.

We have a few boards, but it is not enough to send you some now.
I will let you know when we get more of them, so that we can ship what you need.