How to access Reachy microphone?

We know that some of you want to use the microphone for your projects with Reachy.

If you’d like to create a project involving the microphone, here are the specifications : Specs Microphone.

In addition, projects using the microphone have been carried out by other members of the community and could serve as a basis for your own projects. Here’s the link of an old project : Microphone project.

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I followed your instructions but when I write:
reachy = Reachy(
I have this Error:
[Error 16] could not open port /dev/ttyUSB0

What should I do now?

How do I turn on the microphone?
You have everything in your webseit but nothing about microphone.

We haven’t used the microphone in our internal projects, which is why the documentation is limited in the possible uses of this microphone. But you have access to the specifications and the associated library, and you can get started on your own projects!

About knowing when the microphone is switched on, it turns on as soon as Reachy is switched on, which can be seen from the blue LEDs that light up. This is a directional microphone, so you can also make noises around it and you’ll see the corresponding LEDs light up.

Microphone on :

Finger snapping sound from the left, a light blue LED identifying the spatial origin of the sound :

Hi, I am facing the similar issue. first of all, I want to know if the newer version - reachy_sdk2023 has the property of accessing microphone ? because the github code (GitHub - RomainMaure/ReachyAudio: Library implementing audio interactions for the Reachy robot.) which I refer, is committed 3 years ago. That time reachy sdk might have the property to access the microphone. I am getting error to access the microphone with reachy_sdk 2023.
Any help would be appreciated.

Dear @vijetas ,

This was expected, given that this old project is not functional on your Reachy.
I invite you to take a look at the specifications of the micro and its corresponding python library (pyaudio as described here for example ReSpeaker Mic Array v2.0 | Seeed Studio Wiki ).

We don’t have any programs to provide you with concerning the microphone, as we don’t have any internal projects on this subject. The microphone is functional and its documentation will enable you to carry out your speech recognition projects. In the coming months, our team may work on this topic to provide you with examples of tests to be carried out if the need persists, but this is not part of our current pipeline. :slight_smile: