For Reachy, where do I start for building?

Hi Pollen Community and Pollen Robotics,

I’m new to this forum , after reading and exploring Reachy. I’m very interested in building one for use and prototyping,

But I’m not sure where to start in building it, I checked in the Pollen open source link and on the bottom there are lots of softwares and hardware options , I went into ONshape and I can export STLs to print (not sure if they are the correct STL there…?) and then I couldnt find any instructions on how to assemble the pieces of printed STL together, the hardwares that is needed for example, what model of motors is needed , electrical wirings, is rasperri pi 4B enough to drive it ? or what is recommended? , the type of antenna used and all screw types? …, is there a complete Hardware BOM list and assembly instructions (with visual) for Reachy? so that I can start purchasing the hardwares ,

As I’m very keen to get this started.

Thank you

I dont really see this as open source…,

no replies and help …

Hello @Rog,

The hardware team is still on vacation and will answer when they are back. Did you have a look at these other topics on the forum?

You should be able to find the BOM with the components used and may find advice from a team who has already built a Reachy on its own!

Best regards,


Hi, i have searched in this forum and all the BOMs but i cant find where to get the anthenas from ¿Are the 3d printed? i didnt find an stl either. ¿Any idea where i ca find them?


You can find a tab “antenna” in the onshape document of the head.

You can also buy the antenna on Amazon or Aliexpress, the reference is Nagoya NA-701 or Nagoya NA-711.