Circuit Launch Robotics CoLab builds Reachy

When we saw Reachy we were immediately inspired to build it. As a platform, Reachy by Pollen Robotics has the potential to to deliver on the promise of interactive open source robotics. It has a good blend of bio-inspired welcoming form, and capable hardware for experimenting with human & robot interactions.

Circuit Launch is a community of individuals, students, startups, and established hardware companies coming together to develop hardware electronic innovation. We are based out of Oakland California USA, and are offering a new take on robotics education with our Robotics CoLab program.

For 12 weeks we are inviting students to join our program and participate in an experiential robotics education building Reachy! We will be collaborating with the developers and others to help build the Open Source community working on Reachy. We hope to expand the community involvement and will be actively and openly posting our work, to these forums, to the Github project, and as well as our public Wiki we are building.

We are looking forward to collaborating and inspiring more community involvement. We plan on publicly posting our project goals, progress, and any developments we make. There seems to be a lot we can contribute to from redesigning the models to be FDM 3D printable, to expanding the codebase to run on other hardware, and even tutorials to contribute to the documentation.

Thanks for reading our quick Introduction and we’d love to discuss more ways in which we can help and collaborate with Reachy.


Hi Dan,

I have started a kind of guiding note. It is not complete at all and could contain some mistakes but I think it could help you.

You can find it HERE.

I first made it to help my colleagues to build a Reachy, but I am still working on it so that it will be in the Reachy Manual when finished.


Awesome! We are also stoked you guys use Notion, that made it a one click download. Eventually we’ll make our documentation live as well. Until then we’ll keep sharing on the forum.

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You can also find the BOM on a google drive HERE

There are .csv files and they will be modified later to sort the elements and add links to buy them.

Robotics CoLab has been hard at work over the last 5 weeks. Here is our blog post about the program:

We are certainly learning just how hard translating a designed for SLS 3D printed parts are to get on a consumer grade FDM 3D printer.

After quite a few failed prints we redesigned the head for easier FDM 3D printing:
front_head_fdm.stl (2.2 MB) back_head_fdm.stl (3.9 MB)

These last couple weeks we have ordered most of the parts. We will publicly share our BOM with suppliers in the US and parts once we finish up the program. We’ll also share all the other models we adapted for FDM once we get them tested and built.

Also in this process we are hard at work documenting a wiring diagram of everything which has been the biggest mystery we’ve had to work out.

For the Orbita we’ve decided to SLA print the components and design our own control electronics. This may be our biggest challenge so we’ll see how far along in this process we get.

If there are other members of the community who are working on building all or parts of Reachy don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to share what we’ve learned so far and answer any questions. Of course we will be publishing a ton of documentation and notes as soon as we validate and test our build.

Thanks again Pollen for making Reachy fully open source!


We’ve reached the end…

Our 12 week build of Reachy is over

To follow our project and see our mods
You can check out our CoLab Reachy project page with all of the info on updated files, software modifications, Github, GrabCAD, and all the notes, scribbles, and rants that we documented.


Hey dan, how much did your build cost?
And did you build only one arm or two arms?
Nice work by the way!

I think all in with 2 arms it was 6k. We did one arm first then later the second.