Customizing the Reachy Simulator and VR Teleoperation

Hello everyone!

In github, we can download the reachy simulation and the vr teleoperation source codes. Can anybody tell us or at least guide us on how to customize it? Specifically we want to change the environment of the reachy simulator and also add something to the vr teleoperation process.


Hello @alessandro !

For customizing the Reachy simulator environment and modifying the VR teleoperation app, you’ll need to dive into the respective repositories and make adjustments based on your requirements.

  1. Reachy Simulator Environment Customization:
    The Reachy simulation environment is based on Unity. To customize the environment, you can explore the Unity scenes provided in the GitHub repository:
    Reachy Unity Scenes

  2. VR Teleoperation Process Modification:
    The VR teleoperation app is managed through the ReachyTeleoperation repository. While there might not be specific guides available for customization, you can explore the codebase to understand its structure and make necessary changes:
    ReachyTeleoperation Repository
    By examining the code within this repository, you can identify areas where you can introduce modifications or enhancements to the VR teleoperation functionality.

For both aspects, experimenting with the provided code and leveraging Unity’s documentation for scene editing and scripting will be key. Additionally, if you encounter specific challenges or need assistance with certain functionalities, don’t hesitate to reach out to the community or developers actively involved in these projects.

Good luck with your customization efforts, and feel free to ask if you have further questions along the way!