Choice of motors?

I saw in earlier documentation that you were planning to use MX and AX series motors from Dynamixel.

Do you have a definite choice for motors yet?

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Yes for the arm with the gripper we have 1x MX-106, 3x MX64, 3x AX18 and 1 MX28

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Hello, will there be some relatively cheap steering gear scheme in the future

We are currently focused on developing usages with reachy.

Yet we always keep an eye on new tech and if a viable alternative appears we will see if it can be implemented in Reachy or another product. Do not hesitate to share if you see one.

So could any common motors from regular everyday household objects be salvaged somehow and repurposed? Could any alternatives be used pneumatic or hydraulic to power the arm?

Something else I have noticed, some people are building their own motors. 3D printing and winding the copper coil themselves Could this be a option?

Hi Carson,

I don’t think home-made servos/motors will work at this time.

Hopefully, in the future, we can work together as a community to develop lower-cost actuators.


Thanks Ragnar,
Extremely helpful. Hopefully one day. We just came out of a week long blackout no power no internet no cell service. Crazy ice storm.
Showed how dependant we all are to tech. Everyone basically ended up partying around the campfire. Smoking and drinking.

Check out how the Cubans repurpose technology.