Advanced 3D models

Hi there,
Some parts are missing in the blend file, such as detailled hand and head mechanism.
Is there any chance to get these “advanced” 3D files parts for a use in blender?

I’m 3D artist, and would like use it in a personnal project…


You can find the neck models (Orbita) listed with the rest of open source files at

As far as I know the hand model they post above is based on: you can find the 3D files there.


We have a blender model of Reachy here:

If you need more details, you can export our CAD models in STL, Collada or GLTF via OnShape, link for each part are on our website as indicated by Dan,

The hand is our own design (not the Open bionics Hand) but it is not released yet.

BTW we would like to animate our Orbita mechanism in Blender but do know much, could you help ? We speak about that in this post