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As a reminder, two simulation tools are available to simulate a Reachy:

  • Unity package : You can control Reachy with the Python SDK as if you were on a real robot. Note however that you need a specific version of the sdk (0.5.4) to do this :

    pip install reachy-sdk==0.5.4
  • You can also install the ROS2 humble stack of Reachy 2023 and control it with the Python SDK (version 0.7.0 this time) a simulated Reachy in Gazebo.

Dear AnnaelleS,

Thank you Actually, I started to use reachy in Unity. However, I have a problem when I create a robot object as reachy = ReachySDK(host=‘localhost’), it cannot connect. Is there any edit I should in Unity scripts to run the simulation?


Have you installed Unity on the machine where you are using the client SDK (local host)? Could you tell me what error message you’re getting? And also, did you do the pip install reachy-sdk as explained above?

These answers should enable me to provide you with a more complete response.

Thank you
Yes, I installed Unity and all others as in this blog Controlling a Reachy robot in Unity | by Gaelle Lannuzel | pollen-robotics in the same machine. The error message is InactiveRpcError: <_InactiveRpcError of RPC that terminated with:
status = StatusCode.UNIMPLEMENTED
details = “”
debug_error_string = “UNKNOWN:Error received from peer {created_time:“2024-01-04T08:47:57.6594438+00:00”, grpc_status:12, grpc_message:”“}”


Hi @Mariam_Kashkash ,

Could you provide the output of

pip list

I’d like to check the version you have in order to reproduce the problem.

There is nothing to edit in Unity, so I guess there is an issue on the Python side.


Thank you, these are the output:
Package Version

grpcio 1.60.0
grpcio-tools 1.48.2
mobile-base-sdk 0.1.1
numpy 1.26.3
pip 23.3.2
protobuf 3.20.3
pygame 2.5.2
pyquaternion 0.9.9
reachy-sdk 0.5.4
reachy-sdk-api 0.7.3
scipy 1.11.4
setuptools 69.0.3
wheel 0.42.0


Thanks. What version of reachy2021-unity-package do you use? (exe, unitypackage, or source code directly)

Can you, please, clone and test the develop version git clone --branch develop https://github.com/pollen-robotics/reachy2021-unity-package.git ? (don’t forget to add the grpc libs). Then run the SampleScene and try this in your python console

from reachy_sdk import ReachySDK
reachy = ReachySDK(host='localhost')
reachy.head.look_at(0.5, -0.3, -0.1, duration=1.0)

The virtual robot should move its head