Sourcing screws for Reachy

Hi All,

Is there anyone place we can order all the screws from (like an amazon/ebay/alibaba link)?
We have tried sourcing them piece by piece but is a bit tedious.

Thanks for the help.


Hi Sam,

Sorry but I have no amazon/ebay/alibaba link to share since we buy almost all our screws to a french company.


Hi Augustin,

Thanks for the reply. Just two questions:

  1. Do you source each type of screw individually or as a complete set of all types?
  2. Any idea if they sell online or ship internationally?


We source each type individually. I think they should be able to ship internationally, but it’s just a guess I’m not sure.


Thanks, Augustin, could you kindly share the online shop details?

Here is a table of all the items we buy on Cergy Vis to make a Reachy. The quantity can contain mistakes so you should order more than the quantity written here.

M2 screws and M2.5 nuts for dynamixel motors are missing because we buy them with the motors.

Part/BOM Name Vendor Ref Batch Qty
TFHC M3x16 Cergy Vis TFHC03/016A10ZNEF 2
TFHC M3x10 Cergy Vis TFHC03/010A10ZNEF 6
TF M2X8 Inox Cergy Vis TF02/008A2 24
TF M2.5x8 Cergy Vis TF02.5/008A2 10
TCHC M8x25 Cergy Vis TCHC08/025A4EF 4
RONZ03A4 Cergy Vis RONZ03A4 6
M8 Rings Cergy Vis RONZ08ZN 4
M8 Nuts Cergy Vis ECRHU08ZN 4
HH M3 Nut Cergy Vis ECRHH03ZN 12
TCZ M2x16 CergyVis TCZX02.5/016A2 4
TCHC M2.5X8 CergyVis TCHC02.5/008A2EF 40
TCHC M2.5X6 CergyVis TCHC02.5/006A2EF 84
TCHC M2.5X4 CergyVis TCHC02.5/004A2EF 64
TCB M3.5x16 CergyVis PLATCBZ03.5/016ZN 2
TCB M2.5x16 CergyVis PLATCBZ02.5/016ZN 2
TC M2x5 CergyVis TC02/005ZN 9
STHC M3x4 CergyVis STHCPLA03/004NO 3
Nut M2 CergyVis ECRHU02ZN 56
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Thank you so much Augustin. This is indeed helpful.

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Local hardware store? JB weld n tap it? Shit’ll buff out : )

We source most of ours from McMaster Carr and our BOM with those transposed from the French site is here:

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