Reachy with a Jetson Nano?

I’m happy to have finally found Reachy, I’ve been a believer in VR telepresence for some time.

I have been working on something similar at home for about 2 years, quite slowly.
its great to see others putting the same concepts together, and i am overjoyed to become a part of this community.

I have been upgrading my project to use a Jetson Nano, and am wondering if the Reachy project has had many home-brews.

Here is mine:

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Welcome :slight_smile:

Do you have a video showing your system ?

Unfortunately, no.

I haven’t had much luck with serial communication in ROS2.
Over the last 2 years i’ve used this project to teach myself ROS at home, as well as develop my python and C++.

I haven’t got heads or tails of the micro XCRE-DDS ROS2 Node implementation I need yet, and am in another research phase.

But, it still moves in the arduino serial interface, which is nice.