Parts for sales

Hello my friends,
Unfortunately I’ve to abandon my Reachy project and therefore I’m selling some parts that hopefully will make another Reachy alive

1 x Dynamixel MX-28AT (aluminium front cover) → 250€ + shipping
2 x Dynamixel MX-64AT (aluminium front cover) → 300€ + shipping
2 x Dynamixel AX-18A 6pcs bulk → 600€ + shipping
1 x NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit 32GB → 1.300€ + shipping

Everything in perfect condition as NEVER used :disappointed:

If interested I can also provide a 3dprinted arm, torso and head.

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Hey Andrea,

do you still have this stuff? where are you located?



Hi Zach!
Yes, only the AGX is gone. I’m from Italy

I would like to purchase all of the motors and items you have. My Reachy is shipping to me and want extra motors for other added project.

Please send email —