Orbita BOM / components / Motors & PCBAs

two main questions.

  1. I’m remixing a design inspired by the orbita effector and would like to try and source motors to make my first mechanically complete version as close as possible to the original.

I see that Maxon DC motors are used… but don’t seem to be able to find the part numbers. i took a short look and there are many 16mm Maxon motors to choose from.

it looks like the planetary reduction is 6:1, but i can’t determine any other properties of the motor.

I read the post here about orbity and checked the github repo, but didn’t seem to find a BOM that covers this.


  1. Are the Orbita PCBAs available for purchase?

Hi Eric,

  1. Actually, the pinion gear has 24 teeth and the ring gear has 52 teeth. The ratio is 52:24.

We use the following configuration for Maxon motors+gearbox:

  • Motor: DC-max16S GB SL 12V
  • Planetary gearhead: GPX16 A 35:1
  1. We don’t sell PCB for the moment, but we are thinking about selling Orbita actuators.

Thanks for the info. I went ahead an made a test fixture to get it running with stepper motors for the interim, but will order the motors you outlined here.

I can produce fairly high spec PCBAs on a modern P&P line and the controllers would be pretty straight forward to produce either as a one off batch or serially.

Is there PCB artwork available for the controller board(s)?

I see the schema(s), but at this stage it would seem preferable to start with a validated design. If these are available publicly or privately after some discussion; interested to sort that out.

I’m interested to understand more about what you’re thinking in terms of selling orbita.
I have interest in this as a general purpose effector and have already made some fairly significant design changes to facilitate larger scale, rigidity and payload and wouldn’t likely be a customer for exact replicas of a completed reachy-size orbita.


Hi Eric,

We have not released publicly any PCB design of the last version of Reachy for now. We plan to do it in the near future.

The case of Orbita is a bit different from the other parts of Reachy. Like them, you can download the cad files for free, use it and modify it (mentioning that it is drawn from our original work) and share your work with the same license.
However, you are not allowed to make commercial use of it without an agreement with Pollen Robotics.

We plan to sell Orbita as well soon as a complete actuator so that people can buy it, use it in their robots, and sell robots with it inside (like Reachy).

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