Generating Interest & Awareness by letting people try the tech?

Hi All :wave:- I’m very excited to find your company and see the teleoperation demo. There was a mention on Twitter of potentially connecting remotely via our own headsets and having a go at controlling it? This would blow my mind and I would love to do this. I have a Valve Index HMD and an Oculus Quest 2 currently. I am based in the U.K. - if this is a possibility I would love to get involved. I’m a VR Live Streamer on YouTube & Twitch if you want to check me out

@vrbugstream on Twitter.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Hello @VRBug and thank you for reaching us!

We were not expecting to receive such requests from the VR community, but that’s really cool! We are excited to see that Reachy aroused interest outside the robotics sphere. We would love to have remote testers for our app!
We are now trying to figure out how to conduct these tests. So if you are interested in getting involved and you are ready to help us expand the use of Reachy, let’s keep in touch! We will be pleased to have new people in Reachy’s community :wink:

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This is amazing!

It would be awesome if we can try this from our Index HMDs at home. :wink:

Idea 1:
Multiple VR users take turns controlling Reachy to paint or draw, then have the creations posted on your site, like a kindergarten class.

Idea 2:
Two Reachy robots [each controlled by different player] plays Jenga against each other.

Idea 3:
Someone will control Reachy to paint someone’s nails or apply lipstick. This might not work on the mass scale though. :joy_cat:

Idea 4:
Set up a hoop to play roboBasketBall. People have 1 minute to control Reachy and pick up & throw as many balls as possible. Leaderboard set afterwards.

I can go on and on but I mean, weekly demos of this would be both great exposure and loads of fun. :robot:

Keep up the cool stuff. :+1:


Thanks you for your enthusiasm and sharing so many idea!

There is definitely something to do with remote control to let people have fun with Reachy.

Would you be willing to help us beta test the first version? Do you have a Valve Index ?


Thanks for the response! I will check in every now and then and would be happy to help anyway I can, would love to see this tech flourish FYI - I have a Valve Index


I would love to test this. I too have the Valve Index. :smile_cat:
[Though I do have to RMA the Knuckles soon as the grip functionality gets wonky after a few minutes of use :crying_cat_face:.]


We would also love to test it out on our Reachy build. We have several Oculus Headsets and a community of VR developers we can leverage.

Are there alterations to the Reachy Camera hardware setup to enable proper stereoscopic viewing?

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Yes we have made an important update regarding the vision hardware. But you will be able to upgrade your robot.
There is also a new software based on ROS2. We are finalizing the release.

Hi everyone!

We are coming back to you for the first testing step! :grin:

No real robot at the moment (don’t worry, robot is coming!), only simulation, but this step is quite important.

In fact, before going on the real robot (and meanwhile we finish preparing everything on our side), we want to make sure everything works fine.
As it will work in a very similar way with the real robot, it would be great to have feedback from you to know if you manage to teleoperate the robot in the simulation or if you meet any trouble (network connection problems, too much lag, problems using the app, controllers not supported, or anything else…).

The goal is to troubleshoot these problems before finally teleoperating the real robot :wink:.

>>> Here is the simulation app!

Waiting for your feedback to go one step further!


Hi @Gaelle

I am currently trying to set up the application, and it seems to be running, but not yet doing something.
I added a screenshot of an error inside the Teleoperating Simulation app.
Any clues what we might do wrong?

I have attached a webcam, because it looks like it uses a webcam. I am working with an Oculus Quest through Oculus Link cable, but that seems to work fine.

I also tried connecting the Reachy simulator, but it disconnects as soon as it notices that there is no connection going to happen.

I would like to demonstrate it in a live session for students.

With kind regards,
Nathan Segers

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Hello @NathanSegers!

Have you tried to connect today or is it a screenshot from an older session?
In fact, we have disconnected the server today for other tests we are currently carrying, so it may be normal you didn’t manage to connect to the server.
The teleoperation app is not linked to the playground, it teleoperates a robot placed somewhere in the VR scene, so the second point it not surprising.

I would be interested in knowing how you made it work with an Oculus Quest by the way!

The screenshot was from today.

Will the server come online again?

It would be cool if I could demonstrate it tomorrow afternoon for students.

I got it to work with an Oculus Link cable, so I can run .exe applications on my desktop.

It also runs SteamVR.

It should be back right now!
If it still doesn’t work, we can schedule a little slot tomorrow morning if you have time so I can figure out what could be done to solve the problems.

Hi Gaelle,

I will try it tomorrow morning, at around 9 AM, as I am currently not at my working PC.
If it does not work, I will send a message here and we can try calling, is that OK?

Thanks in advance!

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