For small business?

Couldn’t this be used on a massive scale to help essential workers basically any jobs requiring some form of physical presence to work remotely? To me as a factory worker concerned about job loss to automation this gives me hope that this is a alternative that is barely within my financial reach. Could this be mass produced as a form of accessibility and basic human right to make a honest living?

Also could the image recognition system be used to study and make improvements to faulty parts? for a specific task or specific location? Compared to human strength and endurance how much of a increase would be possible while remaining close to human scale & size? One last thing could a augmented reality overlay of your actual arm go over the robot arm in VR? Cause after a while I think I would feel really dissociated from reality.

Oh latency, compared to… Human latency the time for a nerve impulse to reach the necessary connective tissue and junk what kinda delay over distances? Like a hella lag? Would it be simpler to just run the thing out of a job site trailer er somthin? These things should be on a fleet of massive container ships for world wide distribution. Could the arm be set up with a 3D print head to print duplicates of itself? And improve based on use? What about interchangeable motors and electronics based on what’s readily available in the local area? From smashing obsolete, useless, or all other electronic devices… Luddie for life : )

Isn’t this basically the first telephone for your entire body that would pretty much eliminate all need for transportation except for enjoyment? Like I know telepresence isn’t new but that’s basically what this is. like at the least it’s like one of those cartoons where the characters halfway squeezed out of the speaker.


it seems like you got an epiphany about the potential of robotics for the future of human society :slight_smile:

Hopefully, Reachy will contribute to the global effort to make this happen!

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If this was done on a large enough scale and applied to a large variety of physical labor jobs or home economic stuffs or art like painting and music through human control in VR, If the motion control data was captured and collected into a huge data set and used to train a neural network couldn’t that in theory result in a basic general purpose artificial intelligence? More or less? Or for all intents and purposes enough for our needs?

Yeah I was concerned about loosing my job to automation before the virus outbreak now I’m really concerned it has accelerated but I got a used AGV hoping to start my robot leasing agency with it and eventually get something like reachy

Is everything ok my other post got like blocked or something sorry i kinda flipped out I’ll try mellow out a bit just a rough week