Electronics CAD Release!

Hi all!

Since many people asked us about our custom electronic boards used in Reachy, here they are!

Several boards are used in Reachy, so let me introduce them quickly and share their Github repositories:

  • l0_USBA boards aka Gates: They are used to connect all the different modules of Reachy to a computer with USB.

  • l0_Load boards: We used them associated to a force sensor to have a force feedback in Reachy’s grippers.

  • Dxl_fan_module: This is the board used to control and power every dynamixel motor in Reachy!

  • Power_supply_board: This board manages the 12V supply to power the NUC computer, the motors, the audio and ensures the communication between the different modules.

  • 7V_converter: We use this board with another component to convert the 12V of the robot to 7V in order to power the XL-320 motors in the head of Reachy.

  • Cable_extension: This small pcb is used to connect the wrist to the rest of the arm. It is easier to remove the wrist and change the effector, and the power management is better.

We just created the repos, so if you see a mistake or miss anything (footprints, 3D models etc…) just send a message and we will update them step by step.