Budget build - cheap servos?

Hey, love the project, hope the community can help.

Don’t have the budget for a full DYNAMIXEL robot build yet, but that will not stop me from starting to build and experiment with VR controlled bot to prove the concept, so I am looking to use cheap 50kg-60kg servos like:
9imod - Waterproof Brushless Servo 50KG 45KG 35KG 25KG 180 Degree Aluminum Digital Servo Metal Gear for Traxxas scx10 RC Car Robot Boat|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
ReadyToSky - Waterproof 180/270/360 Degree 20KG 25KG 30kg 35kg 60kg Large Torque Digital Coreless Servo Aluminium Metal Gears 25T Arm RC Car|Parts & Accessories| - AliExpress
and was wondering has anyone tried that before?

Want to understand all the possible issues before ordering and starting to build, maybe there are other cheap servo alternatives that anyone has used?

Don’t know much about DYNAMIXEL difference from mentioned basic servos, what compatibility issues with the robot software and VR control software would there be?

Ready to tackle all the 3D and software updates.
Hope I will be able to share decent concept result.

you really don’t need to have a huge budget to work on DYNAMIXEL. if I’m correct, our team used it for a chatbot development project 2years back and we used it all throughout the project; I believe it was affordable and had all the tools required. I am actually not sure if it’s only for chatbot development services or other robotic projects as well but either way, it was a great software to work with.